An Introduction…

E-Tecbikes was developed from a love of biking. The ease of using a motorbike for commuting became obvious to us from the moment we turned a bike wheel – 25 years ago in Marcus’s case!
But before the pandemic it was plain to see that the world with all the traffic could not continue in the direction it was. You need only to sit on the M6 for an hour and watch the motorbikes filtering through traffic and you can understand there is a better way.
But we all agreed that there should be a greener way too.
One of the big disappointments about the green revolution is that everything is expensive electric cars are astronomical in price, so are electric motorbikes (some E-Motorbikes retail around 24k) and good quality E-bikes retail at £2500!
This means that green transport is only for the wealthier person. To us the want and the wish to be kinder to the environment has nothing to do with, and should not have anything to do with your economic standing. This is where we decided to form our company. Our objective is simple. How can we provide high quality green transport to everyone and anyone in an affordable manner.